The term “technophile” is used to describe someone who has love for technology or someone who is absolutely obsessed with technology. They are early adopters and embrace technological advances without thought – they are that dedicated to “the cause”. Unlike a technophobe who fears or even hates technology, technophiles see technology as a way to improve the world and make their lives more efficient. For example, you might describe Bill Gates as a technophile as he has a great interest in computing and the applications that can be made of computer technology. Usually technophiles have the latest device and what is important several of them. They’re known as being “that guy” who always has the latest cell phone or smart watch. A true technophile will have multiples of the same device and will have no issue justifying why one phone is for apps and another is for productivity. Oh, and the third one is for talking with friends. Instead of calling friends and going to cafes or just walking they would rather spend time playing with their gadgets. Technology comes before everything. Rather than doing simple math in their head they instead pull up a scientific calculator on their smart phone. They afraid of missing everything while they are offline. For this reason, they exchange sleep to spend more time surfing online so they can stay on top of everything. They become anxious when they are unconnected to the digital world. They purchase special video cards or adapters so they can have at least 3 monitors going at the same time because there is no better way to game and read up on the latest technology simultaneously. If they haven’t had their daily dose of technology, they become depressed.