What is fame in your opinion? Is it easy to be famous? Are people happy? What do you know about famous people? Some people mous individuals are those who are rich and successful, others famous people are those who have performed daring exploits. say Nevertheless if you are famous it does not matter you are happy Though people recognise you and express their admiration you can have serious problems. First of all, the public wants to know everything about your per- sonal life. Photographers always try to take photos of you, your family, your boyfriend or your girlfriend, your friends. Journalists try to have an interview with you and very often you can't refuse to give it to them and your life becomes a nightmare because of the lack of privacy. As for friends you don't know who your real friends are. Perhaps your money attract them. Isn't it a problem? As you've got lots of money you can be robbed. person. So, it depends upon you to be famous or to be an ordinary