Studying Abroad Учеба за границей

Education is an important part of our life. Many young people tend to get education abroad nowadays and this rush is gaining popularity at an amazing rate. Parents eagerly send their children to western countries in pursuit of overseas diploma. The majority of students want to study in English-speaking countries and it is easy to understand why. Firstly, they can improve their foreign language skills. Secondly, knowing English at a good level gives plenty of job opportunities. Thirdly, such countries as England, the United States and Canada are full of places of interest. There are, of course, certain drawbacks. For example, high prices of foreign education. Parents need to spare at least 10 or 15 thousand US dollars each year for tuition fees. This amount is often out of average families’ budget. Nevertheless, most parents try their best to give their children prestigious education. And it’s usually worth it. Studying abroad guarantees respect of others, stable career, bright future, lifelong friends from all over the world, and lots of useful skills. Besides, living abroad, students experience a totally different life. They contact people from other cultural backgrounds, which is rather interesting. It is important to remember, that studying abroad is never easy. It requires hard work and a lot of effort. However the reward is the future of excellent opportunities.