Long ago in Cornwall was Jamaica Inn where lived Mary. One day she met uncle’s brother. His name was Jem. He was young and good-looking man but he had some flaw. He was a horse stealer. Jem loves Mary but she was worried about his bad work. Jem with stealers tricked the ships by shine. When the ships flow to light it was wreck on rocks. Later the stealers stole all valuable goods which was on the ships. They hid this goods in Jamaica Inn where lived Mary with her uncle Joss and aunt Patience. Uncle Joss was invole in smuggling business. The stealers contrabanded valuable goods and sold it. When Mary find out about it she told a local man everything. She knew local man and she trusted him. When business went wrong uncle Joss decided to escape with Mary and his wife. Mary went to the local man to ask him for help but she didn’t find him at home. When Mary back home she sow that her uncle and aunt were murdered. It turned out that the local man was the leader of the stealers. He killed Mary’s family because he was afraid that he was gave. Afterwards when matter quiet down Mary agree to marry Jem and they lived together.