Last summer me and my brother Artur went on the bike trip around Spisz to try our new bikes. It was a bright, clear Friday afternoon, and I was really excited by the thought of the adventure ahead. We took our water bottles, checked the air pressure in the tires and the hydraulic brakes to make sure that everything was ok. “Hey, let’s go. It’s time for us!” Artur shouted, as he jumped on his bike. “There’s a long way ahead of us and we’re still here!”

We travelled about 30 kilometers and we were quite tired so we decided to ride back to home when suddenly the nightmare began... We were riding down the Brzegi village and I was going a little bit too fast. Ok, a way too fast! Suddenly the car on the left drove onto the road. I started braking but unfortunately the back wheel bursted because of the speed so I lost control and flew over the bicycle handlebar. I injured my left knee and hands. They were all bleeding. Luckily the car driver didn’t call the police. He drew up and helped us.

We called for our dad and put bikes on the car roof and drove right back to home. My parents were very angry with me and my brother. Now I know how to ride a bike safely: I always wear helmet and ride more slowly than I used to!