There are seven people in the picture: two women, two men and three children. They are in the living room with a big table. The place looks very smartly. There are a lot of food on the table. Family in the picture celebrating a Thanksgiving Day.

Tom is siting behind the table. Woman whose taking a turkey is a Tom's wife. On the right from Tom is small girl which name is Michelle. Next to girl is grandmother of family. Opposite the grandmother is siting her husband John. On the left in picture is Emily which is a Tom's daughter. Boy whose drinking water is Jack. He is grandfather's darling.

On the table are two blazing candles. In front of the Jack, is laiding bread and platter. On the table we can see a lot of glasses and cups. Between candles is bowlful. Next to bowlful are staying tin of pepper and salt. In the living room are big windows and on the right is some image. In front of the image are standing flowers in basket. Family from the picture looks happy at celebrating Thanksgiving Day.