Name:Sari Wooden



Likes: Sport, music, read books


Hobbies:piano playing

This is Sari Wooden. She is 17 yeras old. She is Japanese, but live in America. She goes to school there. She is a good student. She is tall and slim. She has small, dark eyes. She has short, straihgt and red hair. Sari likes sport and music. She playing in the school basketball team. She is one of the best players. After school she likes to also play the piano. In her family all play on same musical instrument. In the future he wants to compose songs. sari, in yoyr free times she likes reading books. Her favourite books asre adventure, sci-fi and sometimes also read history books. She doesn't like animlas, because as she was little was bitten by a dogs. Besides it also has on allergy to fur.