Vegetarianism is a very popular trend nowadays. Some people stop eating meat because they care about animals, others want to be trendy because ‘eco’ is on top now. Is it really healthier way of life?

Vegetarianism is a great idea because of animals’ good - sometimes they are kept in very bad conditions. Moreover, people kill them in a cruel way – animals often suffer really much. It’s also worth to say that vegetarian diet includes many vitamins and minerals that are essential for body health. People who eat meat often forget about vegetables in their diet and may have disorders such as high blood pressure and heart attacks.

On the other hand, being vegetarian has many disadvantages. Firstly, avoiding eating meat makes their muscles weaker and their hair grow slower than normal. The main reason of those changes is low content of proteins in a diet. In spite of vegetarians’ theories that vegetables and cereals can provide them all the nutritious components, it’s proven by scientist that only diet which contains vegetables and meat as well can do it.

In my opinion meat is very important for being healthy. It’s obvious that vegetables, cereals and stuff like those are important too but meat is an ESSENTIAL element of our diet. We can’t live without it – our organism needs it too much.