You have got a bicycle, don’t you? But how often do you use it? Or did you just forget about it and use only the car? What reasons can make us change cars for bikes? There’s many pros and cons of travelling by bicycle...

First of all, travelling by bicycle is environmentally friendly because you do not have to use petrol and a bicycle does not produce any pollution. What’s more, it’s a very good exercise which can help us stay fit and strong for many years of our life. It helps you lose weight and reduce blood pressure. In addition it’s a very cheap way of travelling. Cycling is almost free from costs.

On the other hand, riding a bike in a big city can be very dangerous. Drivers don't care about people on bikes. They sometimes even drive when they are drunk or don’t respect cyclists’ laws. Moreover, bike is not as fast as a car and you can’t take any passenger with you. Finally, the bike cannot protect yourself from bad weather conditions such as rain, storm or snow which means you cannot use it all the year around.

In conclusion, I think that cycling isn’t the best and the fastest means of transport and there are many other and better alternatives, however, I think it’s very healthy and fun above all.