Religion is shaped into human society. It is the most influential institution of mankind and can date back to the beginning of civilisation. I live in a country where the great majority of residents claim to be practitioner catholics. Especially in small cities and countryside we can easily see that religion plays major role in people's lives. I agree that religion is very important for many people. Why?

First of all, it offers comfort when things go wrong. God is the one whom people look for in their most desperate and hopeless situations. God is the one whom they look for when they are in the most lonely situations. Finally, God is the one whom they look for when no one trustworthy remains with them. It can be said that people's faith is their strength. For religious theists religion helps explain who they are, why they are in their current circumstances and where they are going to.

On the other hand, there is a strange craze of being against everything - the police, the power and, of course, religion. Many people claim that there is no God, they live how they want to live. They are not afraid of the punishment after they die. They say that there is nothing after our death, so our life here does not have any meaning. Personally, I could not live ordinarily with such conviction.

All things considered I really do think that religion plays an important role in the life of many people throughout the world. It gives them hope even (or especially) when the peace is fragile.