Do you go shopping on Sunday? What if you couldn’t do that? Will it affect your shopping habits? As you may know some shops are opened and some stay closed. Closing big stores and supermarkets on Sundays has it good and bad points. For whom, you may ask?

First of all, workers are having day off, so they can spend time with their family. It’s also the one and only chance for them to relax after work. In addition closing supermarkets may help reduce traffic jams and keep roads passable. What’s more, working on Sundays and holidays is against precepts of the Roman Catholic Church.

On the other hand, almost everyone works the whole week so the only chance to do bigger shopping is Sundays. Moreover, some employees want to work even though on Sundays because of their hard financial situation. What is more, closing malls appears to be an action against the basics of free trade. Finally, the owners of supermarkets won’t be happy if they lose profits when their shops could be opened.

In conclusion, I think that closing shopping centres on Sundays and other holidays has both pros and cons. The most reasonable choice is to let people decide by themselves what to do – close malls, stop working or just don’t go shopping.