Zadanie 1

When I travel by plane I usually take a few very important things with me. It all depends for how long and where I am going. First at all, I take my passport and other documents. The next things that I need when I travel is a certain amount of many. More things that I take are of my clothes and cosmetics. When I travel I like to entertain myself so I always take my I pod and my book with me. When my journey is longer than two or three hours I take a little pillow and a small blanket to keep me warm and comfortable.

Zadanie 2

Dear Hanna

I am writing to you because that was months since we saw the last time. I miss you and there are so many things that I would like to tell you. First of all, I got engaged! I hope you remember my old friend Jacek. He is my fiancé now. The wedding is planned at the beginning of June. My sister Natalia won the lotto! For the many she won she bought a small apartment and a few nice presents for the whole family . Few weeks ago me and my friends came back from Italy. The weather was beautiful. Our friend Nicola met her old friend Lilly there and she decide to stay longer. I hope we will be able to meet soon and talk.